SonambaPro improves healthcare outcomes and helps lower re-hospitalization rates for post acute care Medicare patients. Providers can also create new revenue streams using SonambaPro to enhance their Home Care service offerings. Read More
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Automated Reminders
Missed medications can lead to unnecessary ER visits/hospital readmissions. SonambaPro sends care coordinators/family timely alerts if a dosage is missed.
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Connectivity to Measurement Devices
Look ma, no wires. SonambaPro seamlessly connects to FDA-approved devices that measure vitals including weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, pulse, etc.
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Wellness/Vitals Monitoring
Are patients adhering to medication/vitals post-discharge? The web portal provides remote wellbeing/vitals information to caregivers.
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Caregiver Connectivity
Families can now be more involved with a patient's recovery via Sonamba Pro’s social networking capability, enabling non-intrusive connectivity between patients and families.
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Personal Emergency Response
If an emergency occurs, SonambaPro's panic button can alert families/caregivers or optionally, a 24/7 call center, providing timely EMS response.
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Alert Admin Portal
Caregivers/Home Care Nurses can now remotely monitor a patient's medications, vitals and activity alerts via the Sonamba Alert Admin Portal, enabling timely interventions.
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