SonambaPro brings Healthcare Provider-sponsored Home Care Coordinators and family members added insight into their aging patients’ daily health. This insight/information enables them to take an active role in monitoring the senior’s overall wellbeing – enabling seniors to age in place longer. SonambaPro also enhances their post-acute care transition from a hospital to a home care setting.

A SonambaPro Helps Patients By:

  • Enabling them to take “control” of their own health through medication adherence and vitals tracking.
  • Allowing family members and caregivers to monitor their wellbeing, medication / treatment adherence and vitals history and provide timely and effective intervention.
  • Providing a social networking tool so patients and their families can remain connected everyday, not just when emergencies happen.

SonambaPro as a Part of the Provider’s Home Care Offering

SonambaPro enables seniors to live independently and remain connected to family members or Home Care Advice Nurse center – providing an effective intervention mechanism to aid the seniors wellbeing. The payback on the investment of providing the senior with a Sonamba is a few short months.

SonambaPro as Part of Post Acute Care Transition for Cardiac, COPD and Diabetes Patients

SonambaPro’s unique features and functionality engages patients and their families to become active participants in their post-transition care. Active family and patient participation, in conjunction with a provider’s home care nursing/care coordinators efforts, helps promote effective family/caregiver interventions in order to improve healthcare outcomes and lower re-hospitalization rates within the 30 day window.

SonambaPro will be a welcome addition to your hospital’s comprehensive home care package.  It can reduce hospital readmission rates and create an enhanced revenue stream. Contact us today to find out more.