A Payer sponsored Care Coordinator’s ability to remotely and non-intrusively monitor a high risk Medicare/Medicaid insured patient’s wellbeing provides another means for proactive and timely intervention when needed.

pomdevices has developed the secure SonambaPro Alert Admin Portal for Care Coordinators/ Home Care Nurses to effectively monitor a large number of their remote patients each equipped with a SonambaPro. The portal securely collects alerts from remote patients and displays aggregated data for monitoring by a Care Coordinator. Depending on the severity, these alerts will be displayed as red, orange or yellow alerts.

Care Coordinators/Nurses can click on a displayed alert and also drill down into the patient’s medication, vitals and activity information and history for effective intervention.  Care Coordinators can also adjust settings/thresholds* to the patient’s remote SonambaPro.


*Threshold monitoring feature is not for sale in products sold in the United States.

SonambaPro, mysonamba.com and the Alert Admin Portal are not intended for diagnosis or as a substitute for medical care, and are not intended to provide real time data. The data is made available to the end user when time-critical care is not required. The device is contraindicated for users requiring direct medical supervision or emergency intervention.