SonambaPro allows Healthcare Payers to engage with and provide superior value to their Medicare, SNP and dual eligible customers. SonambaPro is a consumer friendly solution that improves treatment adherence and engages customers to improve real-world healthcare outcomes.

SonambaPro is a tool that connects patients to Payer sponsored Care Coordinators as well as patient’s family members for effective interventions thus closing gaps in patient care. It is designed as a consumer friendly device that (does not require seniors to learn new “smart phone” technologies) communicates with devices used by their caregivers – thereby bridging the technology divide between them.

Sonamba empowers seniors to age in place longer and maintain their wellbeing, thereby delaying the need for expensive nursing care.

A SonambaPro Helps Patients By:

  • Providing them with a tool to take “control” of their own health through medication adherence and vitals tracking.
  • Allowing family members and caregivers to track their wellbeing, medication and vitals history and provide timely and effective intervention thereby reducing need for expensive emergency room visits, nursing care, etc.
  • Providing a social networking tool so patients and their families can remain connected everyday, not just when emergencies happen.

SonambaPro enable seniors to live independently and remain connected to family members and Payer sponsored Care Coordinators thus enhancing the seniors’ wellbeing. The payback on the investment of providing the senior with a SonambaPro is a few short months.

Improve real world outcomes with SonambaPro and enhance the quality of life for your members while significantly reducing your healthcare costs. Contact us today to find out more.