Exchange text messages with your loved one right from your cell phone.

With Sonamba, a senior can send and receive text messages and emails from the comfort of their living room! Sonamba has its own phone number, so the support circle can send messages directly to the senior’s Sonamba from their cell phones and computers.

In addition to text messaging, Sonamba’s Instant Notes feature makes it easy to send simple status updates without having to type a new message each time. A senior can let their support circle know that they’re doing great with a simple touch.

Caregivers can send messages directly to a senior, without the senior having to buy or learn texting on a cell phone. Sonamba’s text messaging is an easy way to stay in touch even when caregivers don’t have time to call. Caregivers will love getting messages from their loved one, so they’ll know how they’re doing even when they’re miles away.