When a senior needs help right away, Sonamba is there.

Accidents will happen, and personal emergencies will occur. When they do, Sonamba is the best way for your loved one to get help quickly.

Sonamba features a panic button on the unit and one that can be worn as a pendant or wristband, or optionally, attached to a wall where a fall may occur, such as the bathroom or kitchen (batteries and two-sided sticky tape included). With Sonamba’s personal emergency response (PERS), your elderly loved one isn’t tethered to anything like other solutions currently on the market—another added benefit that improves overall wellbeing.

In the event of an emergency, a senior simply presses the panic button. Right away, Sonamba springs into action, calling up to three designated caregivers. If a caregiver is not available, Sonamba can call 911 or optionally, a 24/7 call center with a prerecorded message, relaying the senior’s name and address to emergency response personnel. This way, even if the senior is unable to communicate, emergency response personnel will be able to respond and send help to their home right away.

Sonamba will also send caregivers and support circle members a text message or an email letting them know immediately that there’s been an emergency, so that they can be there for the senior when it matters most.