For families, sharing photos is one of the best ways to stay connected.

Unfortunately, the hassle of printing and mailing photos means we send them less often than we should. With Sonamba, caregivers can easily send photos remotely to their loved one’s Sonamba via the Web portal, or by using the Sonamba iPhone app. It’s a great way to brighten an elderly loved one’s day, and helps enhance their overall wellbeing.

Whenever Sonamba is not being actively used, it will automatically display photos in a slideshow that the senior can enjoy in their home. One can spend hundreds of dollars on just a digital photo frame alone, which makes Sonamba’s features such a great deal. In addition, Sonamba has a USB port, so adding photos on location is also a snap.

The digital photoframe look and functionality enables easy acceptance of the Sonamba by the senior in their home, unlike other more intimidating medical-looking monitoring devices currently on the market.

Sonamba helps your loved one stay mentally fit.

Studies show that seniors can help maintain cognitive ability by playing games, including crossword puzzles, video games, and the popular “4 in a Row” game featured on Sonamba. Proven to maintain mental agility, this game is easy to learn, can be played with only one player and, thanks to Sonamba, can be part of your loved one’s daily routine.