Why wait for an event to occur? Be proactive. Sonamba gives caregivers periodic updates on their loved one’s wellbeing by monitoring their Activity of Daily Living (ADL).

No one knows your elderly loved one better than you do, and with updated information from Sonamba, caregivers are the first to know when something is wrong. For example, if your eldelry loved one forgets to take their medication, you’ll get a text message right away. Then you can give them a call to check in and make sure everything’s okay.

In addition to keeping track of medications, Sonamba non-intrusively monitors activities of daily living, sending periodic “All is well” or “Attention needed” alerts when it senses an interruption in regular activity. This will help you gain a sense of your loved one’s day-to-day activities, so you’ll know when something’s not right.

Sonamba’s ADL Monitoring works by placing a Sonamba in the area of highest daily activity, such as the living room or kitchen. Additional activity sensors can be placed in other areas of the home, including bedroom and bathroom, offering monitoring of all relevant areas of the home in about half an hour.

Sonamba monitors motion and sound activity in all relevant areas of the home, and compares current activity with historic activity patterns. Based on this comparison, Sonamba sends out periodic “All is Well” or “Attention Needed” alerts to caregivers and support circle members cellphones.

View their Activity History levels remotely on your PC, via mysonamba.com

In addition to receiving alerts on your cell phone, you can also stay updated with your loved one’s wellbeing by viewing activity history remotely, via your PC, at mysonamba.com.