Sonamba, from pomdevices, is a Wellbeing Monitoring and Medical Alert System for seniors living independently. Sonamba periodically sends seniors’ wellbeing status alerts to caregivers and includes senior-oriented Activity of Daily Living Monitoring, Personal Emergency Response, Medication & Calendar Reminders, Social Communications and Games. Sonamba is packaged as a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing digital photo frame with touchscreen interface and built-in cellular connectivity. It is designed to be a part of everyday living — empowering seniors as well as their caregivers to live life on their own terms.

No senior is willing to call themselves ‘senior’ and this extends to having typical medical-looking devices or emergency response systems in the home. They will only accept them when it’s too late — for example, after an event (accident, etc.) has occurred. We introduced a product that has a ‘coolness’ factor or lifestyle-enhanced image for this age group due to its photo frame look and functionality. This makes the Sonamba much more attractive and acceptable to the senior, enabling wellbeing monitoring and social connectivity before a trigger event has occurred.

Having these features is a breakthrough that both seniors and caregivers benefit from, and has been widely acknowledged and acclaimed by press and industry experts alike.