About Us

Sonamba is a product of pomdevices, LLC, based in Durham, North Carolina. The company was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs who have successfully created Internet and communications products and startups for more than 20 years. As we, the founders of pomdevices, have grown older, we have found ourselves increasingly concerned about helping and staying connected with our elderly parents living alone and far away. Our market research did not uncover affordable services or appliances that were convenient and easy to use that allowed us to stay connected while empowering our parents to live life independently.

So we decided to start pomdevices, a company focused on building affordable and reliable Peace of Mind devices for everyday situations. Sonamba is our first easy-to-use, mass-market device that delivers richer and much needed functionality to help bring peace of mind to elderly care.

Management Team

Ajit Pendse (Founder/CEO) is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in starting and restructuring technology companies and leading global teams in a CEO capacity. He invented and pioneered Click to Talk and VoIP apps as founder and CEO of eFusion in 1996. Today, eFusion’s Click to Talk technology brings human interaction to ecommerce and is deployed by most major ecommerce sites, such as Amazon, American Airlines, Dell, J.Crew, Macy’s, Sears, etc. Recently, as CEO, he restructured a VoIP software company into a multimedia appliance software company with most major CE brands worldwide as customers. Earlier in the 1990s, he held business development roles as director of strategic alliances for Intel’s communications product group and director of business development for Atlas Telecom. He has been featured in the The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, etc., and holds a BS in Engineering and an MBA. He has been awarded seven patents and has twelve pending applications.

Trey Weaver (CTO) has delivered more than 40 products to the market and is considered one of the industry leaders in product realization processes. He has served as CTO of Philips Consumer Communications, CTO of Lucent Technology Consumer Products, director and chief of Lucent Technologies Optical Center of Excellence and director of Bell Labs DSP Center of Excellence. Trey has been in charge of developing products from a digital answering machine to a million-dollar optical switch. He has eight patents and four more in the process. He holds a BSEE from Montana State University.

Robert Burke (Co-Founder/VP Marketing) brings a powerful perspective and aptitude with his background in marketing. Robert has won several awards for his work and has deep experience with a variety of global brands, including Audi North America, Volvo Trucks, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Wrangler Jeans, to name a few. Robert’s professional expertise includes creative direction and management for market research, corporate branding, advertising, web and interactive.

For serious business development inquiries, please email us at bizdev@pomdevices.com

pomdevices, LLC is privately funded.