This is Sonamba:

An event, such as a fall or hospital visit, can reveal our parents aren't as able as they once were.

A Sonamba in their home lets you be there when life's circumstances get in the way.
ABI research technology market intelligence has ranked Sonamba number one for innovation October 2013.

What is Sonamba:

A Sonamba lets you share conversations and photos without using the phone or computer. It reminds them to take medications. In addition, it’ll keep track of their routines and let you know if anything is unusual.
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Daily Monitoring
Are mom or dad busy around the house? Or have they fallen? Sonamba's non-intrusive wellbeing monitoring sends timely updates and alerts straight to your cell phone.
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Automated Medication Reminders
Monitoring your elderly loved one's daily medication regimen is as easy as checking your phone. Sonamba can send you a text alert if medication is missed.
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Panic Button
Rest assured that in a worst case scenario, Sonamba's personal emergency response can be activated. Our panic button can be worn as a pendant or wristband, or attached to a wall.
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Digital Photo Frame
Having photos of loved ones around is always reassuring. You can send photos remotely to display on your senior’s Sonamba from our portal or via the Sonamba iPhone App.
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Social Communication
Wouldn't it be great to send and receive texts to your parents? With a simple touchscreen interface and easy to use features like Instant Notes, just about any senior can use it.
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Remote Monitoring -
With the portal, remotely modify alerts/settings, even send photos from your PC, so you can stay in touch everyday, not just in emergencies.
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